Cloud Computing Predictions for the 2020s

Congress will pass a law that makes cloud providers responsible for large-scale data breaches.

B2B startups will be forced to move away from Amazon Web Services to satisfy competing enterprise customers.

Google will shutter or significantly disinvest in Google Cloud Platform.

Very few companies will succeed at a true multi-cloud deployment.

At least one cloud provider will release AI-based services trained to detect “deep fake” videos and doctored images.

The cloud providers will launch “green” computing as a service.

A significant portion of America’s malls will be purchased by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook and converted into data centers.

A misplaced wildcard in an IAM policy will cause a security breach like none seen in history.

AWS will launch an SDK for autonomous self-driving cars.

The cloud providers will make multi-region deployments easier.

Azure will allow developers to deploy in the “Atlantic Ocean North” region.

Cloud providers will significantly expand their “no code” offerings.

A large cloud provider evokes public outrage after releasing gene-editing-as-a-service (GEaaS).

Microsoft Azure will maintain the pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract after 6 years of contested legal battles from Amazon.

A cyber attack will impact AWS and Azure simultaneously, taking down over half of the internet’s public websites.

All the rest.

  • Microsoft Azure will reach 30% market share powered by B2B startups (see above) and enterprises.
  • AWS will deprecate EBS.
  • FaaS (“serverless”) will continue to rise in popularity, becoming the predominant deployment model for new applications.
  • AWS revamps their entire console to maintain a consistent UI across services.
  • AWS releases NAT JaaS (jump-box-as-a-service) allowing SSH through managed NAT Gateways.
  • More startups sue AWS over the use of their open source licenses in their products.
  • At least one cloud provider datacenter will be destroyed by a natural disaster.
  • AWS revamps their IAM service after the aforementioned security incident (see above).
  • Cloud providers launch a voice-controlled SDK for cloud development, creating a new field, “VoiceOps.”
  • Heated debates consume the Hacker News community on whether “VoiceOps” is a job title or a model of operating for IT teams.
  • AWS Re:Invent 2027 caps attendance at 89,000 attendees after the “incident” of 2026.



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Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller

Founder of @CloudSploit , acquired by @AquaSecTeam . Former Infra / Security / Manager @Adobe , @Aviary & @Mozilla intern, @RITtigers grad, @NYC resident